Co-Curricular Activities

Vision and Operation

Entering a new era, the school has created an ideal learning environment to help students consolidate the foundation on which they develop high-level thinking skills and self-learning spirit.

Not only should students have the qualities of adaptability, innovation and communication, they should possess confidence, perseverance, open-mindedness, international perspective and responsibility.

We firmly believe that the effective and meaningful activities are vital to the development of students’ diversified abilities. Through activities, teacher- student relationships as well as students’ sense of belonging are strengthened. Students also learn from the valuable experiences of success and failure.

Therefore, the school puts great efforts in promoting co-curricular activities to provide students with important learning experience to stimulate their potential to attain all-round development.

Types of Activities

There are 3 types of co-curricular activities: lunch time activities, extended learning activities and extra-curricular activities.

Co-Curricular Activities