School History

Established in 1901
The original address of YMCA was a rented space upstairs of No. 27 Des Voeux Road Central, Siberian Fur Store. During the early stage, bilingual Religion classes were taught in the club which was the predecessor of the school. Therefore historically, the school could be said to be founded at the same time as the Association.
Foundation of school in 1908
Named YMCA Chinese School, it was set up on the 4th Floor of No. 26 Des Voeux Road, Central. Apart from Chinese, English and other subjects were also taught. Attaching equal importance to both Chinese and English was the major objective of the school and a consistent tradition over several decades until today.
Relocated to Bridges Street, the school rented the Ground Floor of the China Congregational Church as its campus.
Owing to insufficient light, the school moved into the students’ dormitory across the street. Later, as the name “Chinese School” was not representative of the school’s objective of bilingual education, “YMCA Day School” was used to correspond to the night school during the early stage. The curriculum of the day school followed the same structure similar to primary schools in China, having seven grades. Grades 1 to 4 were called “National School” while Grades 5 to 7 was called “Senior Primary School”. After graduation, the curriculum was able to link up with that offered by English colleges or Chinese secondary schools in Hong Kong in general.
Following the institutional restructuring of primary schools in China, the school abolished the curriculum of “National School” and “Senior Primary School” and changed to full primary school with six grades.
Owing to the outbreak of the Pacific War, the school ceased operation for a period of three years.
Until 1945
When the war was over, the primary school re-opened and expanded to three years of secondary school.
1956 – 1961
For some reason, the secondary school had to close down, leaving only the six-year primary school.
On its 60th Anniversary, the Hong Kong YMCA initiated four construction projects, in addition to massive celebrations.

1. Acquisition of the YMCA Club in Central
2. Rebuilding the Kowloon YMCA premises
3. Building the YMCA Sports Gymnasium
4. Expanding the campus of Hong Kong YMCA Primary School and extending to a full secondary school
25th March, 1961
Laying of the foundation stone of the new YMCA campus by the wife of the Acting Colonial Secretary
November, 1961
Completion of the new campus
9th February, 1962
Opening Ceremony for the new school by Mr. Peter Donohue, former Head of Education Department. The first Principal was Rev. Ho Sai Ming.
September, 1977
The second Principal, Mr. San Siu Kan, assumed office.
November, 1987
The third Principal, Mr. Chan Joe-Chak, assumed office.
September, 2000
Relocated to Tin Shui Wai and enrolled students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 6. As the new campus was not ready by the time, the school rented space from YLPMSAA Tang Siu Tong Secondary School. The former campus of Sheung Wan operated until students graduated after completing all their courses.
2nd January, 2001
The new campus in Tin Shui Wai was officially opened.
17th November, 2001
In celebration of the 100th anniversary, YMCA decided to hold the opening ceremony of the three schools of YMCA Secondary School, Primary School and Kindergarten on 17th November, 2001. Former Director of Education Department, Mr. Matthew Cheung Kin-Chung, GBS, JP, was invited to officiate the unveiling ceremony and distinguished guests included the Director of YMCA, Mr. Simon P.K. Sit; Chairman of the Board of YMCA Secondary and Primary schools, Dr. Cheng Hon-Kwan; Secretary-General of YMCA, Dr. Yick Kar Lim; Chairman of Board of YMCA Kindergarten, Dr. Kwok Man-Cho and Association Pastor, Rev. Chan Yu Ping. In addition to student and teacher representatives from the three schools, there were senior officers of the Education Department, Board Members of YMCA and friends, Principals of other schools, as well as parents and friends from the education sector who constituted a scene of great momentum and exuberance. At the end of the ceremony, three students from YMCA Secondary School, Primary School and Kindergarten held hands with students from various groups to link the three schools which symbolized that YMCA would promote the “one-stop” educational mode. It was also a milestone as we entered a new century. Therefore, 17th November was dedicated as the Anniversary Day of our school.
24th April, 2004
The Farewell Ceremony for the Sheung Wan campus was officiated by Chancellor Dr. Samuel Loi and Principal Chan Joe-Chak during which Chancellor Loi announced the completion of its historical mission. After the ceremony, the Chancellor, Principal and Alumni visited the new campus in Tin Shui Wai.
During 2005 – 2007
In order to adapt to Hong Kong’s education reform, the school applied to be a Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) school and succeeded in 2007.
September 2008
The school officially implemented quality DSS Christian education for students with the belief of inspiring life with love.
September 2011
The fourth Principal, Mr. Dennis Chan, assumed office.
November 2015
Thanksgiving Service cum Music Concert was held for the celebration of The Chinese Y.M.C.A. Secondary 55th Anniversary.
March 2018
The Chinese Y.M.C.A. Secondary School and Xi’an No. 30 Middle School signed the “Sister School Contract”, a formal partnership agreement to jointly promote the development of the schools.
April 2018
The Chinese Y.M.C.A. Secondary School became the first Google. Reference School in Hong Kong and the eighth in Asia.
September 2021
The fifth Principal, Mr. Frederick Cheung assumed office.
8th December 2021
CYMCASS’s students played music and sang hymns at the Thanksgiving Service for the 120th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of YMCA Movement in Hong Kong.
November 2022
The FIRST thematic AEROSTEM learning centre was established in CYMCASS.
November 30, 2022
The Consule General of the State of Qatar in Hong Kong co-organised the Qatar Cultural Day and Mini-World Cup 2022 in CYMCASS