Student Counselling Team

 Objectives :

1. To establish a loving environment at school

Through strengthening the roles of class teachers and developing a loving atmosphere in the campus, the Student Counselling Team aims to enhancing students’ senses of cohesion and belonging to the school.

2. To nurture positive life values of students

The Student Counselling Team takes “those who remain in Judah will take root in the ground and bear fruit, (Isaiah 37:31)” from the Bible, and nourishes students positive moral values through different activities through their six years of study.

3. To support students’ mental health

The Student Counselling Team cooperates with the school social workers and promote mental health education at school. It also advocates the importance of understanding one’s emotions and eliminating the social stigmas of mental health diseases, as well as optimising the gatekeeping roles of parents, teachers, and peers.


Tentative Plans in 2022/23 :




Global Citizen Ambassador Training Program

Caring Ambassador Training Program

Student Leaders Training

Chinese Culture and Arts Ambassador Program


S1 Message Cards for the commencement of school year

10/9 Teacher Commendation Day

Assembly: Global Citizen Ambassador Seminar


Classroom Board Design Competitions


Assembly: Hong Kong Association for Cleft Lip and Palate

Class Shirts Design Competitions


Global Citizen Ambassador Field Trip

Outdoor Learning Day activities


Activities to support DSE candidates


Mental Health Week


Mother’s Day/Father’s Day


Assembly: Sharing from Student Leaders


Activities to support DSE candidates

Global Citizen Ambassador Field Trip