ASTRON SPACE LAB 2023-2024 Hong Kong Champion (20/04/2024)

Academic Year
2023 – 2024
Achievement Type
Academic Awards


Congratulations on S5NC Kwok Man Hin Rocco and S5LC Yu Chun Yeung who won the Hong Kong championship title in ASTRON SPACE LAB 2023/2024 organised by The Department of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering  of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and 60PINS. 

Their outstanding coding program has been sent to Europe to participate in further experiments which will be used in International Space Station (ISS) after a future successful selection.

The team used innovative AI methods, first using the ASTRON simulator's camera to capture photos of the Earth from the International Space Station and then analyzing them using visual algorithms, followed by mathematical computations to arrive at the answers.