STEAM Education

STEAM Education

(1) Regular Curriculum

STEAM Education Committee evaluates and develops the current S1 and S2 STEAM regular curriculum constantly. The objective is to create the “Maker Culture”, which is one of the world’s educational trends. In the school year 2022-2023, the teaching elements of aerospace science, aviation and artificial intelligence (AI) will be included.


(2) Large-scale Plans and Activities

The school was funded by QEF in May 2021. In the school years 2021-2023, a large-scale STEAM project will be carried out: renovation of the STEAM laboratory, procurement of a large number of equipment and hardwares, and conducting of teachers’ training workshops and students’ enhancement activities.

In addition, the school applied for “Secondary School IT Innovation Lab Funding Project” and was approved. In the school year 2022-2023, the school will hold various STEAM activities and purchase diverse facilities and apparatus in order to make the activities even more interesting and intellectual.

STEM Education Committee regularly arranges grand STEAM activities, for example, STEAM Week, AEROSTEM Days. Students could experience different aspects of STEAM knowledge so as to broaden their horizons and stimulate their thinking. 


(3) Inter-school and International Competitions

Students of the school have shown excellent performance in many inter-school and international competitions in recent years. The achievement of “STEAM Team” was even more outstanding. They won the championship of “Odyssey of the Mind Hong Kong Regional Tournament (age group 15)”, and the 4th place in the world finals.




For the development of AEROSTEM as themed in Chinese Y.M.C.A. Secondary School (CYMCASS), cooperation with Boeing and Aerosim (HK) is to promote aviation-related learning activities.  Our vision in inspiring students for their flying dreams and promoting STEM through aviation-related programs among secondary students is practically in line with the current involvement of commercial enterprises, promoting aviation in education sector.  In our tailor-made STEM education programs, students are taught how to use an advanced aero-navigation system (ForeFlight) developed by Boeing.  We are proudly invited to work with Boeing and Aerosim (HK) to make CYMCASS the first authorized ForeFlight academy in Asia to promote AEROSTEM education. Additionally, selected students will be sent to Australia for a real flight training program which is not only to enrich their understanding of aviation, but also it is to let them practice their flying skills in a professional manner. Students can achieve internationally-recognized qualifications through different related local and overseas training courses to equip themselves for future career development. Dreams + Education + Practicality + Achievement are the core elements of our AEROSTEM program. 

The AEROSTEM centre is equipped with a flight simulator installed in the 1:1 cockpit frame of a single-engine light aircraft, Diamond 40, which is the first in Hong Kong and it is certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in Australia. Students can attempt the flight simulation in such an immersive environment during their STEM lessons.

Students of the school participated in the Inter-school Aviation Tournament in the school year 2021-2022. The student team was awarded 2nd runner up of Overall Best Performance (STEAM project) and some of the team members entered the grand finale of the tournament.